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How many years do solar panels last?
Solar Electric Panels can produce energy for over 30 years. In fact they come with 25 year warranties. There are not many products you can purchase with 25 year guaranties. This is an indication of the durability and longevity of a solar electric panel. Pool heating panels can last 20 years or more. Most outlast the roof.

How long before the inverter needs to be replaced?
A good quality SMA inverter should last 18-20 years.

Do Solar Electric systems work in the winter?
Yes solar panels produce power in the winter. If the sun is shining and the panel is not covered in snow, it will make energy. We live in Canada, so there will be times with snow on the panels. We’ve seen snow stick to panels that are at a 50 degree incline. We’ve also seen snow slide off a panel at a 30 degree tilt. So get used to it, we’ve been getting snow for hundreds of years, and will continue to get it for many more to come.

How much energy will a solar system produce?
There are many different opinions on this ,depending on how bad our competitors want to sell you something. The real answer to this question can be found below. If any one tells you different, then ask them to prove it. Our data comes from 14 years experience in the industry. We monitored systems in all types of applications and this is what we have found. It’s real world data.

System Size
Roof type
kWh's produced per year
1 kW
Flat Commercial
1 kW
Sloped residential at 45 degrees
1 kW
Ground Mounted at 35 degrees
1 kW
Pole mounted Tracker

Each of the above is a good indicator for what you will produce for each kW installed. Therefore a 10kW system, on a ground mount, would produce 10x1250 = 12500 kWh's for the year. 12350 x $.802 for the Micro fit program = $10,025 in income for the year.

We are advising all consumers to be very skeptical of any solar company with production numbers significantly higher than what we have listed here.

Please remember that these numbers are an average over the past 20 years of Canadian government testing. You need a long term average, since weather can change dramatically from one year to the next.

What is the Maintenance of a Solar Electric System?
Solar electric systems need about the same amount of maintenance as your roofing shingles. Practically none. The rain typically keeps them clean, and since their are no moving parts in a solar panel, nothing tends to wear out. The inverter in your system will likely need to be replaced every 18-20 years.

Why would a solar system not work on my home?
If your homes roof faces the wrong direction, like north, north east, or north west, you likely are not a good candidate for a solar system. However if your roof faced more south east, south west, its worth considering. Your solar system needs the sun, so if there are any trees, or other obstructions shading the roof, then these issues need to be addressed.

I live on a rural property, can I put the panels on a ground mount?
Yes, in fact ground mounts are a great way to install panels if you have the space. Ground mounts make it easy to clean snow off the panels in the winter.

How much does a solar electric system cost?
Price is effected by the size of the system and quality of the components installed. A properly engineered system, that is designed to last 30 years or more, will cost more than a system that may only last 15-17 years. Buyer beware, not all systems are the same. A solar system is like any other product, their is good quality, and cheap quality. The other factor is how it gets installed. A system installed by an experienced solar contractor will contain all the tricks of the trade, learned over many years of installation experience. We been installing for 14 years, and there are many things that we’ve seen that can effect how well your system is protected. Its a big investment, and you want to ensure its done properly so it lasts many years trouble free.

Should We Use A Tracker?
A good quality tracker can increase power production by up to 28%. Quality trackers are trackers that have a manufacturing and performance history of many years. Be very careful of a new manufacture, you are the guinea pig for them. We have seen many new products fail after a few years in the field, because of this we prefer to use only time tested and proven equipment.

Are all Ground Mounts the Same?

No they are not. A quality ground mount is made of galvanized heavy gauge steel, or aluminum. If the aluminum looks small, then it probably is. If the steel is small square tubing painted with spray paint, then that should tell you to run the other way. Your solar array is a $70 000 wall of glass designed to produce power for 30 years. The mount holding it up better be solid and well designed.

Why Should I call Ottawa Solar Power?
14 years experience in the solar industry
We have designed and installed over 100 solar systems.
We know what works and what does not, gained through trial and error.
We are not a new start up company trying to get into the market.
We are an actual company with an office and warehouse. We don’t work from home
We can show you work we have done
We’ve been committed to this industry long before any subsidies were around.
We intend to be here long after the subsidies are gone.

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