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Ottawa Solar Power has designed, built, and installed more than a hundred “off-grid” solar electric systems over the past 16 years.

What is Off-Grid?

The term "Off-Grid" or "Stand Alone" systems refer to a building that generates it's own power with no connection to the power grid, generally referred to as "Hydro" in Canada. "Off-Grid" systems take in the sun's energy through the panels, the panels convert it into DC power where it then travels through the charge controller into the batteries. This where the energy is stored for use. When an appliance is switched on the DC power flows through the inverters, which converts it to AC at 110 volts, 60 cycles, to the breaker panel.

Please see this YouTube Video for a better understanding of how an Off-Grid system works.

Who would want an Off-Grid PV System?

Almost all of our Off-Grid clients have cottages, cabins, or barns that had never been connected to Hydro lines. They were faced with a prohibitively expensive option of installing Hydro poles and lines and paying the Hydro connection fees. Very few clients have chosen Off-Grid if they already have Hydro connections.

As the cost of Hydro electricity continues to increase, and the cost of solar panels and inverters decrease, more and more people will consider the advantages of switching from Hydro power to Off-Grid living.

Will you change your lifestyle if you have an Off-Grid system?

After our clients have their off-grid system installed they become very conscious of their power consumption. Turning off lights, taking shorter showers, and buying very efficient appliances, is very common. Nobody likes to hear the generator start up. Living off grid forces you to think about the energy you consume.

How do we design the Off-Grid systems?

All of our Off-Grid projects are designed based on; the clients' expected energy consumption, the optimal location of the solar array, and of course the over all aesthetics. No two off-grid systems are alike and, with our 16 years of experience, we have designed lots of Off-Grid systems to fit our clients needs.

If you are serious about an Off-Grid system to power a remote home or cottage, we welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss your project.

Here is a YouTube Video of our team in action.



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